Portable charger

I think everyone has some form of electronic charging device systems if they walk around with a smart phone. Whether it is a charger and a cable in the bottom of your bag, a portable power bank or a car charger or even all three. Most of us have either been in situations where you really, really needed it and whoosh, suddenly there is now power on your phone and tried to borrow a friends only to realise you don't know anyone's phone number anymore. 

I tend to have two of the three, a power bank and a car charger, I have a cute little pink one for about three years and I can't remember who makes it. It is a little pink triangle of power, except the little pink triangle of power is no longer strong enough to handle my new phone and the power bank barely does anything too it. Fluffy had a really cool white cube one, and we can't find it, it might be in a sock drawer or in a box but while we know it is somewhere, we can't seem to find it. Can't charge a phone if you don't know where your power bank is right?

So recently takealot.com had really cool power banks on special, I am adding the link here so you can get one while they still have stock. They come in blue and pink, so I got one of each and they are pretty cool, I can get nearly two full chargers of my phone on a charge (not sure if it was a full charge).

They are called the:

Tek88 Electronik Powerbank 5200 mAh 1-Port CE 1A - Pink

I am super happy with it cause it is nice and small and fits into my hands with ease. It's not heavy at all so your bag doesn't get weighed down with carrying these around.
 I did an unboxing of it and basic description video so you can go see for yourself.

I just want to add if you live in one of the major cities: Cape Town, Joburg or Pretoria then they do deliver these the next day for free, using Mr Delivery. I don't know if everything gets delivered by Mr Delivery but the small stuff does. I have yet to see a guy on a scooter delivering a mattress but if I ever do there will be photos on my instagram. 

So what do you use to charge a phone on the go, or do you tough it out?