Buddhist temple in Bronkhorstspruit

Wow that title sounds a bit like a mouthful. In Art theory we have been doing art of various cultures and the whole debate of is it an art or is it a craft. Our amazing Lecturer Ms. K took the entire 3rd year class on an outing to the Buddhist temple so we could see how Zen beauty which is a principle of Zen Buddhism looks.

Front Gates
Please note, I was an idiot and didn't check the class calendar (Lesson Learnt) and had no idea we were going on said field trip so didn't pack in any of my cameras. All the photos are from my old samsung note 2 and while the pics are good they can't be compared to my canon. *sadface*

The Temple itself

Outer rim of temple

Small inner temple we were allowed to take photos of, they didn't allow photos in the main temple

Its really beautiful on the inside 

Close up of the bells

all the bells make a different sound, really should have taken a video when our tourguide played it. 

Check the ornate roof, inspired by the original temples in India and China

There were a few things we weren't allowed to capture on film and that was a pity. We went into the museum and the museum is tiny but they do, do a lot of effort to try and capture the history behind Zen Buddism though this is a taiwanese temple so they call it Chang.

Before I forget we got to meet a monk and ask him a few questions.

That was really cool as well as we all had some amazing vegetarian lunch.

While I don't think this is a trip to take with small children or people very anti other religions, it is an amazing experience to do if you are curious or just want to see how art and religion can be a philosophy in a different way than Christianity and art or Islamic art.