Printmaking on a budget

I love printmaking, hence degree but the cost of equipment can be daunting. From many hours of youtubing, don't stress will be sharing the channels I watch obsessively soon, I learnt about a baren.

These are traditionally used in Japanese printmaking and on thin paper such as rice, mostly for woodblock relief prints.

The ink is applied in thin coats onto the carved area of the matrix and then the paper put over it and then rubbed  with the baren to gently print the colour onto the ink.

This is fairly labour intensive but the effects that the printmakers that do Japanese printmaking can achieve from doing this is insane and completely worth it.

There are you and wonderful new artists such as Paul Binnie that do these techniques and really are amazing at it. If you are curious watch the video below of a true master doing an demo on how to do these prints.

Somehow all the videos I have watched of a Japanese master doing this, has the calmest most soothing music to it, almost binge watch these when I need to relax.

Since I do not live in a huge country where there are a lot of art stores, getting resources such as a baren can be hard to come by and rather expensive, which is a huge risk if you have never used this method of printmaking. After many hours of research, thanks google, I found that there are ones made of wood and how they can be constructed. A friend of mine that is good with wood work made me in, in 10 minutes and he and I are both truly curious to see if it will work.

I am currently designing a linocut so will try the method on that to see if it will work, also going to carve it into wood to see which is better for the effects I want to get, hopefully in the next few weeks I will have examples of through a printing press on heavier paper and by hand on lighter paper.

Though a huge thank you to Hardus