Youtube addict

I watch a lot of youtube, so am going to be sharing some of my favourite channels and why I like them. This is going to be a bit of a mismatch cause I have far to many interests and this really is my favourite 5 channels currently.
These do change and I have many other favourites but for their categories these seem to be my top 5 currently.

Here is my list:

Pink Peonies Blog, is a makeup blog and youtube channel from a South African beauty blogger, I followed some of the things she recommends buying and so far am pretty happy. What really works is I can get the products here in South Africa so no more lusting and checking amazon and shipping prices.

SciShow, Fluffy got me into this channel, some seriously cool things to look at and learn as you go, go check it out. They do a lot of effort with their videos and try and explain things in laymen's terms.

Circle Line Art School, should be a must for anyone trying to master the art of drawing or just looking for ideas of what to draw and how to draw it. Also yay for an accent that doesn't make me grind my teeth, sorry but some accents sound like nails on a chalkboard to me.

SeaLemon, this girl rocks my socks, she is a graphic designer and has great tuts for how to make things. I love that by following her videos I learnt skills that I can bring into my art.

Iknitwithcatfur, holy mamma this girl shows you how to knit just about any stitch you can dream of and her videos are easy to follow. Seriously worth checking out if you are a crafter and like improving your skills.

I will be compiling a more expensive list with more of the videos for specific categories that I like watching or learning about but this is a great start off point if you aren't yet a youtube addict.

What are your favourite channels that you would recommend I definitely go watch?

*wallpaper on Imac*