Happy Booster in Rose

Hi hi,

So I have a confession, all though I don't wear a lot of make up, I own a lot of it, some of it is fairly expensive and some of it is cheap, it seems to be stock piling lately, I found eyeliners in Fluffy's bathroom last weekend, I forgot I had.

So I decided before I buy more, to use what I have and give you the honest to blog reviews of does it work for me, would I buy it again, would I tell a friend or should I just give it to my younger cousins to play with cause not working for me?

I decided to start with my favourite blush for everyday wear:

happy booster open

Physicians Formula Happy booster, Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in the shade Rose.

Or as I like to call it the heart blush (Review doesn't have anything to do with Valentines but the packaging works well for it). 

It is a blush with a built in compact mirror and a cute little brush for travel purposes. Theoretically it contains the scent of Violet is supposed to make you happy, if you sniff it, it has a soft scent but I am not one hundred percent sure it does make you happier as it says.

happy booster closed
What it does, is gives a wonderful pop of colour that is blendable and you can even pop colours over it such as a mineral powder to set your make up. I tend to apply it either very lightly if wearing strong lip make up or focus on my cheeks with a bit more, This colour builds up really easily so you have control on how strong it is. It lasts a really long time. 

happy booster rose

It costs roughly R160 and lasts a really, really long time. You can get it at most Dischems if you live in South Africa.