Everyday vices

Hi hi, what do you do to keep yourself sane on a daily basis? What makes you happy when every little thing seems to be going horribly wrong and all you want to do is curl up on your bed and just hide from the world.

I decided to do a round up of the small things in my life that makes me smile on a daily basis. Some of this is super consumerist, I get that but that is okay, other parts of this is a bit more sentimental because humans have feelings.

My Fluffy- Fluffy is the nickname of my fiancee and even just seeing my engagement ring in its arty glory makes me smile when things are going a bit odd.

The pets, I have 3 cats and 2 dogs, all the cats are girls and my dogs are boys, I Instagram them fairly often so if you are curious, go check the furries out on my Instagram.

Travel mugs, I drink a lot of coffee and whilst I like the whole ooh huge cup of coffee from a chain when I am driving somewhere or am in campus, I bring my own mug. Most of my mugs are bought at either Mr Price home or Game.

Knitpro, If you don't knit or crochet then this is going to be boring but knitpro has changed how I view tools for knitting, seriously they are amazing and don't hurt my hands as much as other knitting pens, beautifully smooth so don't catch the yarn and light. I have their crochet hooks and knitting in the round needles, these are so mazing, I pretty much stopped knitting with straight needles though want to buy a few of them too. I buy about 80% of my knitting supplies at Arthur Bales in Joburg.

Yarn, I pretty much have about 4 projects going in yarn at the moment, I love yarn. I like buying my yarns at the following three places, will do big reviews of them in the future with full photos, need to arrange with the owners if it is cool but for now just giving names and places. Ruby's haberdashery, is an institution in Pretorian craft needs, they have a great selection of good quality yarns and since they buy in bulk, the prices are low. I love yarn in Pretoria, they are in a word, yarn porn, they have yarns from Italy as well as Japan but also amazing yarns made in South Africa and their own range, which is yum. Arthur Bales again, they are the best place to get Rowan and Sidar and any of the other big named yarns that is hard to get here.

Sketchbooks, I started making my own this year and so no longer have a favourite brand though a good moleskin still makes me smile. I get my paper from Archneer in packs, this makes binding great since I don't need to destroy a book to make a book though I have done that to old sketchbooks I no longer want to work in.

Skullcandy headphones, I get distracted a lot and easily, small sounds make me look around and I have a terrible time working in the studio when other people are around, so when Fluffy gave my my Skullcandy headphones, things got a little easier.