Red and the Yarn stash

I have a huge confession, seriously it is huge, I am addicted to buying yarn. *Deep calming breath* This doesn't sound so bad until you take in account I am a student, I have a crate full of yarn and I don't really buy cheap yarn, I blame Noro wool for this addiction.

Noro Scarf

When I was in Scotland, a long time ago at John Lewis I found balls of the most amazing yarn, they looked like someone had captured all the jewel colours in the world spun them into a wooly yarn. I fell in love, I even paid the whopping ten pounds sterling for the balls of wool, and didn't eat or buy anything that day since my food money for two days and entertainment money went into three balls of yarn.

Now yarns later, I am still in love with the good stuff, expensive and pretty yarns that are warm and soft and cuddly and spend a lot of my money buying yarn. I am trying to buy a mix of local as well as internationally known brands so that I have something to compare my yarns and effects too. My gran once taught me if you want the best results, you need to use the yarn that they recommend, whilst this isn't always possible, it has paid off and when I do make serious projects it works really well to have the best yarn for it.

On the blog Raincloud and Sage, I saw that she has a new years resolution of knitting a hat every month and that got me thinking, maybe I should do something similaur? I know how to knit and I know how to crochet. A hat a month may be a bit limiting since I live in South Africa and only wear yarn hats about 4 months of the year. So my take on this project is a scarf, gloves/mittens or a hat a month with a technique I haven't done before.

This months is with the last of my Noro, they don't sell the sock weight anymore, so I have been told so sorry girls but it is simple to make if nor time consuming.

Crocheting the blocks:

Solid square granny squares, of 5 rounds each, you will need to make 33.
Join these together, any method you like, I dig the ridges so mine is technically inside out but this is according to taste.
Crochet a border around using single crochet stitch, then at the one end crochet  5 rows (This is where the buttons will go.
On the other end crochet a single row then button holes.

What buttons would you recommend?