Easy Crochet Bracelet

Yes this is super easy and should be under and hour to make one if not less.

easy crochet blue bracelet

What you need:
Chunky Wool- I used blue from Elle Gold
5mm Crochet hook
1 button

  1. Chain on 5, slip stitch into the 1 stitch so it makes a loop (This is your button hole.)
  2. Chain on 60 stitches
  3. Single stitch into the every stitch till you reach the loop.
  4. Bind off
  5. Sew your button on.
  6. Trim your tails off
for kiddies sizes, generally I think 30 stitches for childrens' arms and 40 stitches for bigger kids, if you do have access to kids that will let you measure around their wrists, please let me know.

Crochet blue bracelet easy

P.S. if you follow this link, you will learn how to do basic stitches, more will be added by tomorrow morning.