Being a female Larper

Larp stands for Live Action Role-Play, it is a wonderful imagination rich social hobby where you get to be everything from a knight to a healer.

Goofy smile alert
Larping for me, allows me to explore more of the more creative parts of my own personality. This is one of the things I love most, other than sewing weird and wonderful costumes or in my case, wearing amazing things that Cyn from Sin Bin makes, like the corset and the crown that I am wearing.

Being a female larper in the geek world is fine, I have never been in a situation where I have wondered what on earth? The larp world is super supportive, the people really do there best to help you out when you have questions or problems. If you want to learn new skills, they will gladly teach you how to do something or build something, since larping my sewing has gotten a lot better, I now even work on my calligraphy as well how to make weapons and build rather odd boxes.

In Gauteng there are two major larps and they all called, Mead and Teana, I play both so my options are completely biased but not sponsored.


Mead is a player versus player game that uses the Nero system, it is heavily fantasy based and you get to player from a Lord to a small little hobbling trying to find their way through the world. The world is very magic heavy and the factions are encouraged to build alliances and declare enemies. Plot is involved but players are encouraged to also develop their own game world.

Events are about R300 to R600 a weekend and this depends on whether you take catering or not. There are NPC slots but you aren't assigned a specific character for the weekend, you play a variety of monsters and characters.


Teana is player versus enviroment, it is plot driven so the characters are very much united against the stories that plot comes up with. The plot team writes a ton of adventures and some of the pleyers also have a pvp feeling. There are guilds in the game, the guilds help with production as the in game economics is very well thought out.

Events are between R400 and R700, the prices are more or less if you play an NPC or if you take catering or not. NPC is a non player character, these are normally guild masters or various character that plot needs.

Where to get larp stuff:

The rule books are availble on both larps websites.
Costuming, you can either make yourself or buy from Sin Bin or from The Silk Road.
Weapons, there is a very useful chapter on how to make weapons in the rulebook but if you would rather buy, check out the Autrach Armoury
If you are just looking for ideas , you can check out my Pinterest board

Hopefully you find a new hobby, if you are curious, there is a larp event happening at Zeplins Night club tonight.