Summer holiday reading list 2014

This is the holiday for reading books and catching up eith my all time favourite hobby of all time.
Books have been my escape from everything and everyone around me at various stages of my life books were my closest friends.  Not ashamed to say I know more about Death of Rats than I know about the people that live across the street.

Fluffy and I are going to visit his aunt in Swaziland and I have been sorting out my book collection to take with. Thank goodness for e-readers. I have loaded 50 books all in the size of a small flat screened device. Loading magazines and other stuff onto the ipad for other things to read or do.  I love paper books nothing beats that feeling of paper in your hands but bit difficult to pack in all the books Fluffy and I read as well as his boardgames and my crafting stuff.
What am I really looking forward to reading this holiday?
1. The Outlander series again by Diana Gabaldion
2. Harry Potter series by J.k. Rowling
3. Wheel of time by Robert Jordon
4. New Terry Prachett.
Rest I am not sure of nor if I will even read a quater of these books but I am hopeful.
Have you got any books planned?