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It is all happening here...

Live in Johannesburg, South Africa and want to know of cool coffee shops with honest reviews, great night outs on a budget? Or coming to Johannesburg and looking for things to do, well I have you covered with my growing lists of who, what where posts. 

That said it isn't all about favourite places to eat drink and be social.

Also sharing favourite hobbies, lifestyle updates as well how the journey to minimalism is going and how one should never underestimate the power of a good red lipstick. 



Feeling good about yourself can be hard when fashion magazines and the world is constantly telling you are the wrong everything. Whether you are too short, curvy, pale or dark. Most women have some insecurities of their own.
While we can't overcome everything, we have learn the power of a good red lipstick, a who cares attitude and just being ourselves.

Here we going to be sharing our favourite go to products, our date night looks whether that is with another person or our couch while we watch netflix. 

Sharing our journey to get healthier or unhealthier, this is all about inner beauty and a little bit about outer beauty too. 


Want to know about the latest in technology whether it has to do with the art of picking the best cellphone. What keyboard is the most fun to type essays and game with?   Even cameras we know and love?

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Everyday Tech

Everyday tech is everything we use daily or targeted to be for daily use.  From Cellphones to Apps and even strange devices that we didn't think of as daily items. Things that  make life easier.

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Gaming Tech

Gaming tech is where we look at the world of gaming from either a physical perspective like this keyboard over that one. To why we love this boardgame and why gaming is a modern must do. 


Capturing the moment 

So you want to start a Yourtube channel, your own podcast or just take great vacation photographs. This is where we share the basics we have learnt and the mastery some of our friends have learnt.